Home Hardware

Product Recalls & Notifications

April 2019

The heating elements of the portable and permanent heating appliances may be defective, posing an electrical arcing and fire hazard.

April 2019

TrueTimber Food Dehydrator (HH #3813-609)

The TrueTimber food dehydrators can overheat and melt, posing a fire and burn hazard.

January 2019

Dewalt Variable Speed Reversing Drill (HH #1240-722)

The internal wiring of the DEWALT 3/8-inch variable speed reversing drills can come into contact with internal parts, posing a risk of electrical shock.

November 2018

Porter-Cable and Black & Decker Drill/Driver (HH #1239-028)

The side handle supplied with the drill may slip when the drill is in use and lead to loss of control, posing a risk of injury.

November 2018​

Benchmark 3-Step Platform Ladder (HH #5435-954)

The platform on the ladder does not lock securely in place posing a potential fall hazard.

October 2018

InStyle Kaleidoscope LED Projection Bulb (HH #5610-135)

The bulb does not bear a recognized certification mark. This is not a safety issue.​

June 2018​

Home Utility Butane Lighters (HH #6311-056)

Health Canada's sampling and evaluation program has determined that these lighters do not meet the Lighters Regulations in Canada and may pose a fire or burn hazard.

August 2017

Home Butane Portable Gas Ranges (HH # 6347-143 and 6347-139)

The cooking grate for the portable gas range can be installed incorrectly, resulting in increased pressure in the unit while in use, posing an explosion and fire hazard to consumers.