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Smart Home

Smart Home Convenience
About Smart Homes
A Smart Home allows you to automate the systems, devices and appliances of your home and manage them remotely. A key benefit is convenience, but it can also increase your home’s security and reduce your energy costs. That’s all good news, but there’s more. Making your home smarter is easier to do now than ever before. You can even begin with just a single device, adding more and enhancing functionality over time. We have a wide selection of Smart Devices to make your home safer, more energy-efficient, and easier to run. Start browsing below to get started!
Smart Lighting
Customized colour options, multiple mood settings, reduced energy costs and increased security: what’s not to love about Smart Lighting?
Smart Switches & Outlets
Switches & Outlets
Automate your lights, set the crockpot, control the coffee maker and any other small appliances with Smart Switches & Outlets.​
Smart Locks
Keyless entry adds security and convenience to your home. Make fishing for keys a thing of the past with Smart Locks.​
Smart Thermostats
Why heat or cool an empty house? Make your home more energy-efficient with a Smart Thermostat.​

Smart Air Conditioners
Air Conditioners
Save energy and money with the coolest AC Solution yet—a Smart Air Conditioner.​

Smart Leak Sensors
Leak Sensors
Don’t let a minor leak become a major flood. Protect your home from water damage with a Smart Leak Sensor.​
Smart Garage & Door Openers
Garage & Door Openers
Remote door control lets you increase security, avoid inclement weather and allow in-garage package drop-offs.​
Smart Security Cameras
Security Cameras
Keep your home safe and secure while you’re away. Detect movement, receive alerts and review surveillance footage with Smart Security Cameras.​
Smart Robotic Vacuums
Robotic Vacuums
Come home to spotless floors and carpets every day. Control your home cleaning remotely with a Smart Robotic Vacuum.​
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What Is A Smart Home?
A Smart Home or “connected home” allows you to automate and remotely manage your home’s electronic systems and appliances from your mobile phone, tablet or other networked device. This can include things such as lighting, security, heating and entertainment systems, along with smart-enabled appliances like fans, coffee makers and air conditioners. It essentially links these items together under one “Smart” network, allowing you to maximize their function and how they interact with each other. Most smart-enabled systems and appliances are compatible with popular Smart Home assistants such as Google Home, Alexa, and Siri.

Is A Smart Home More Energy Efficient?
The prospect of conserving energy and saving money is a great incentive for homeowners embracing Smart Home technology. Smart Thermostats, Smart Air Conditioners and automated heating and cooling systems can quickly and precisely adjust the temperature of your home. Smart Lighting, Smart Switches & Outlets and connected appliances can save energy by powering down when not in use. All of this combines to reduce electric and gas bills for substantial savings. 

Are Smart Homes Easy To Operate? 
Controlling all the systems and Smart Appliances in your home through one interface is a big step forward in home-management convenience. All you need to do is tap one app to access countless features and functions. Remote management is also a huge benefit. You can clean the house from work with a Robotic Vacuum, preheat the oven before leaving the office, and turn the lights on while pulling into the driveway. 

How Does A Smart Home Affect Security?
Adding security and surveillance features to your smart network will increase your peace-of-mind, both at home and while you’re away. Home automation systems can connect Security Cameras, motion detectors, automated door locks, lights and other devices in your home. You can also monitor your home in real-time, engage in two-way communication, and receive security alerts if any irregular activity occurs. Smart Locks can detect your mobile device or key fob as you approach and unlock. Smart Garage Doors can also be programmed to automatically open and close, or controlled remotely to allow secure delivery of packages.  

Is A Smart Home Safer Than A Regular Home? 
Smart Home monitoring for leaks, smoke and carbon monoxide can save lives and protect your property. Leak Sensors, smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors can alert you to potential perils whether you’re home in bed or away on business. Early warning is essential not just for safety; it can also save you thousands of dollars in costly repairs and replacement of household goods.

Can I Choose What To Include In My Smart Home? 
Early home automation systems offered few customization options, while today’s Smart Homes can be customized to suit the specific needs of the homeowner. Some people may just want their lights to dim in the evening. Others may want full voice-activated control and remote monitoring of all the systems in their home. There’s no shortage of options on the market. The great thing about Smart Homes is you can start small and build over time.