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Open up your home with a skylight and sunshine from above.

Skylights are a great addition to add daylight to your home. Direct light entering from above illuminates spaces without compromising privacy. Of course, a room suitable for a skylight needs direct access to the roof. There is an exception to this in the form of light shafts. This is a round ceiling fixture attached to a reflective pipe that runs up through the attic to the roof. The efficiency is quite amazing when you consider the small size.

You can choose a fixed skylight which can have flat windows or domed windows. Some have adjustable blinds so you can reduce the sun's heat. Vented skylights open to let in air and allow moisture to escape. These are good for kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms that generate heat. Glass skylights are the most efficient. You can add solar-heat control glazing to add energy efficiency. Lower-cost skylights are also available with acrylic windows. They can yellow over time so it's best to add a coating to prevent deterioration.

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2' Skylight Rod

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