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Incandescent Light Bulbs

Incandescent Light Bulbs

Bring light into your home with incandescent light bulbs.

Incandescent light bulbs are a common choice in most households. You can use them for desk lamps, table lamps, hallway and closet lighting, accent lighting and more. They are powered by an electrical current that passes through the filament, which heats up to produce light. Incandescent bulbs are not as energy efficient as other bulbs but they produce the most natural looking light.

Incandescent light bulbs have been around for many years. Traditional vintage-style Edison bulbs are making a comeback. You can find these type of bulbs in unique shapes. They showcase the filament as part of the design for an eye-catching look. These incandescent bulbs are great for accent lamps and pendant lighting. You can display them without a shade and they offer a stylish industrial feel. Incandescent bulbs are a good choice for accent lighting. Use them in your vanity or living room lamps for more natural-looking light.

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