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Keep the air flowing with an efficient duct and pipe system.

How often do you think about ventilation? Once you have an efficient duct system in your home, you can concentrate on more exciting things. Like the many uses for duct tape. But first things first, you need to get your ducts in a row. Your ductwork distributes warm and cold air, transporting it to and from your home's various heating, ventilation and air-conditioning equipment. There are many shapes and sizes of ducts and pipes available. They come in a range of materials including galvanized steel, aluminum and plastic.

When properly installed and maintained, air ducts can help improve the air quality in your home. Choose durable metal ducts and pipes that resist the growth of mould and fungi and can be sealed to prevent air leaks. Utilize crimped edges on some vents to create an adjustable, secure fit. Whether you’re installing, maintaining or repairing your ductwork, make sure you have the right materials. Duct connectors, vent elbows, screens, clamps and insulation sleeves will help you get the job done.

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