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Make your Christmas tree the centre of holiday festivities

For many people, the Christmas tree is the main focus of the holiday season. Decorating the tree with lights and treasured decorations is a special event. Real Christmas trees offer a traditional look but can add stress to the holidays. Unravelling long strings of lights and wrestling with Christmas tree stands can take the joy out of decorating. The hassle-free setup of a pre-lit tree with no pine needles are helping artificial trees grow in popularity.

Artificial Christmas trees like real trees, come in many different sizes. Choose from artificial trees that look just like a mountain pine, fir or spruce tree. Some pre-lit trees offer only one type of light, either warm white or multi-colour. Others have light options that include the speed at which they twinkle or change colour. The number of lights on a tree, as well as the number of branches or tips will vary. Consider the amount of space available when deciding on the best tree height and shape for your home.

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