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Cinderella Incineration Toilets are a water-free and plumbing-free toilet solution.

The Cinderella Incineration Toilet is ideal for cottages or houses without easy access to plumbing, or in areas where a septic system isn’t an easy or feasible option. By eliminating the need for plumbing and a septic system for waste disposal, incineration toilets are a cost effective solution for many cottagers and home owners.

Cinderella Incineration water-free toilets provide the sustainable option for environmentally conscious consumers.

Homeowners and cottage enthusiasts know that leaking septic systems can be a major contaminant of Canadian lakes. With an incineration toilet, all waste is reduced to pathogen-free waste, free of all harmful bacteria, which prevents the transmission of infections and diseases in water and soils.​

Not everyone has access to electricity in their camps or out-buildings, it’s good to know that Cinderella Incineration toilets have a propane operated model.

When you seek a rustic way of life in more remote places far from sewage, water supplies and electricity, it’s good to know that there is a toilet system that can operate without any of those.  Cinderella Gas is a propane gas (LPG) powered toilet that means that it can be used in all areas where access to electricity is limited or absent, a distinct advantage for many vacation home owners.​

Cinderella is a total sewage solution. Perfect for islands, rocky terrain and remote areas.

With Cinderella incineration toilets, you can avoid the major costs and strict regulations associated with connecting to the sewage system, and you can enjoy nearly the same comfort and convenience as at home. Since they don’t require a connection to water and sewage systems, they can be installed in vulnerable natural areas.​
Cinderella incineration toilets burn human waste at a high temperature, leaving only a tiny amount of ash.

Using an incineration toilet involves five easy steps:
1. Open the lid and the internal fan automatically starts.
2. Place a bowl liner in the bowl.
3. Close the lid when finished.
4. Press the START button, a yellow light indicates incineration.
5. The toilet is ready for use again.
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