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Looking for Motivation? Here’s How to Build a Home Gym that Gets You Moving

Looking for Motivation? Here’s How to Build a Home Gym that Gets You Moving

Looking for Motivation? Here’s How to Build a Home Gym that Gets You Moving.
It's easy to feel great with that post-workout glow, right? But how about getting motivated in the first place? Creating a home gym that meets your fitness needs can go a long way to getting you up and active. Consider everything from equipment to aesthetics to design your ideal home gym setup.

Equipment and Accessories to Get You Pumped

What do you need for a home gym to be successful? These handy home gym ideas can help you create a setup that fits your style and budget.

Breathe Easy with an Air Purifier/Cleaner

An air purifier is a great addition to your home gym. When you exercise, you sweat more and inhale more air. An air purifier can help to remove impurities and allergies for air that is fresher and cleaner. It can also eliminate unpleasant odours that develop over time, like sweat and stale air. 

Check out our selection of air purifiers and cleaners.

Speakers for Super Sets

Whether lifting weights or running on the treadmill, listening to your favourite music can help you stay motivated. Grab a home stereo, boombox or Bluetooth speaker and turn up the tunes.

Workout Equipment

Keep your home gym stocked with a selection of exercise equipment essentials.
Dyson White Pure Cool Me Personal Air Purifier

Stand-Ins for Weights

Learn how to make gym equipment at home with items you already have to enjoy a fully-stocked gym in no time. Check out the suggestions below for some innovative ideas: 
  • For lighter weights, use a water bottle, canned goods or a large bottle of soda. You can also fill a reusable bag to the desired weight. For a kettle bell, use a backpack filled with books. 
  • For heavier weights, use a filled jug with a handle, a paint can, a laundry detergent jug or a large bucket. Fill the empty container to the weight you want. You can also fill a suitcase with books, cans or anything you can find around the house. 
  • For a resistance band, use a bungee cord (take off the hooks) or suspenders 
  • For an exercise bench, use an ottoman, table or sofa. You can also use a chair for various exercises.
Yoga Mat 7112-262

Towel "Barres" for Home Fitness

Barre is a popular fitness technique inspired by elements of ballet, yoga, and Pilates. It's a low impact, full body workout that builds strength and flexibility. Get creative and set up a barre studio at home with one or more of our towel bars as a ballet barre. Grab your workout mat, resistance band and hand weights for a complete at-home barre workout.

HIIT the Gym with a Cooling Towel

Keep exercise essentials close by so you can concentrate on your workout. However you choose to sweat, you'll want a towel handy. Stock your restroom with paper towel, and consider a cool towel for instant cooling.

Water Coolers for Hands-On Hydration

When we exercise, our bodies lose more water quickly. This results from faster, deeper breathing and increased sweating. Avoid dehydration and muscle cramping and get the most out of your workout with a water cooler in your home gym.  

Also keep a water bottle at hand for quick and easy hydration. Intense activity causes you to lose electrolytes, which can cause cramping. With a water bottle, it's easy to add a hydration mix that replaces these electrolytes and keeps you performing at your best.

Flex for the Mirror

Mirrors are an attractive and functional addition to a home gym setup. They make it easy to check your form, which helps prevent injury. Mirrors can also reflect light for a brighter area and make the room feel more open and spacious. Consider location when you install mirrors to get the most out of your setup.
Water cooler 3160-170

Fitness-Friendly Home Gym Flooring Options

Lay down the best floor for your home gym. Fitness-friendly flooring can help to increase stability, absorb shock and protect you floor from damage. Consider these materials when creating your home gym setup.


Rubber flooring is popular in gyms. It's a versatile material that is: 
  • Ideal for any type of exercise or equipment 
  • Strong and resilient 
  • Quick and easy to install 
  • Shock absorbent and non-slip 
  • Offered in different thickness options and price points


Foam is a great home fitness material when comfort matters. It is: 
  • Ideal for floor-based workouts like yoga and Pilates 
  • Great for HIIT workouts due to its shock resistance 
  • Affordable and easy to install 
  • Not durable enough for long-term use with heavy weights and equipment


Vinyl flooring is a practical choice for gym flooring. It is: 
  • Affordable and easy to maintain 
  • Great for basements due to its resistance to mould, mildew and moisture 
  • Long lasting and able to withstand cleaning chemicals 
  • Offered in a wide selection of styles 
  • Easy to tear and puncture with sharp objects; can give off VOCs (volatile organic compound)


Carpet is a popular choice for home gym flooring. It is: 
  • Soft and comfortable 
  • Equipped with traction and stability for cardio and weight training 
  • Has a flexible price range 
  • It can trap odours and requires regular cleaning


Wood is a handsome material that gives your gym a professional look. It is: 
  • Durable and attractive 
  • Excellent for aerobic exercise, kickboxing and dance  
  • Offered in versions with foam-backing for better shock absorption 
  • Prone to splintering and scratches from heavy weights and can become slippery when wet  
  • More of an investment compared to other options

Colourful DIY Home Gym Ideas

Looking for inspiration? Consider colour when designing your ideal home fitness space. Are you seeking a peaceful hue for de-stressing during yoga? An energetic shade that gets your heart pumping for a fast-paced spin class? Or something to help you concentrate and focus? Check out our paint suggestions below to help you choose the perfect tone.
Object of my affection DR79-4
If cardio is your activity of choice, look to paint your space an energetic colour to keep your heart pumping like, ‘Object of my Affection’.
Breathe DR113-1
Find your zen during a yoga or meditation session with a peaceful colour like, ‘Breathe’.
Carefree DR127-0
A colour like ‘Carefree’ helps you concentrate and focus, to make sure you’re hitting your goals with each workout.
Sweet Surrender DR65-1
Shake it off with a dance workout in a space painted ‘Sweet Surrender’. This warm, welcoming colour will help you let go and have fun with your physical activity.
Carpe Diem DR14-0
If you’re trying to find the motivation to start a workout routine, paint your home gym ‘Carpe Diem’ for a more ambitious state of mind.
Whether you're into building muscle mass, crazy for cardio or looking to strengthen your core, a home gym is a great way to fit in more exercise. A DIY home gym offers the flexibility to workout anytime. It also allows you to create a space that suits your personal workout style and budget. So get started, get active and feel great!
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